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Pest Control Services in London

Pest control is not a simple endeavor thus it should not be taken lightly. For inexperienced homeowner it could result in much greater damage trying to fix the problem himself than to call a professional. For example the current pest products sold for common use are highly toxic and require proper application and dosage calculation. Some of them are harmful for your children and pets and should not be purchased let alone sprayed in the premises of your home at all. Others are completely outdated and cannot be of use to you at all. And thus while you try ineffectively to fight a few intruders you will realize that soon they’ve multiplied and a serious infestation is threatening to outburst.

Call experienced pest control teams to attend to the problem. We work with safe methods and products and we value your time offering obvious results in a short period of time but valid in the long run. We cover residential and commercial properties, while we could also take care of intruders that attack your yard, lawn or garden, such as moles and wasps for example.

Don’t put your family in risk and endanger their health while irresponsibly ignoring the problem: rats and roaches represent a solid threat, they often carry serious diseases and could easily infect you or other member of your family. Adequately react to the infestation, contain its spread by contacting the right pest control company. We tend to work with natural products aiming at protecting your kids’ health as well as those of your pets and thus we also avoid raising any dormant allergies or asthma problems.

You could trust our expertise we have numerous loyal customers who recommend us to their friends in case of need for they are truly satisfied with our performance. We can also consult you how best to take care of your property and never to have to face the same problem again. You can rely on us we know the answer to your troubles.

Insect Control Services

Insect Control Services

Many have encountered a problem related to a newly appeared insect colony on the premises of their home. How to proceed is not always clear and it would be definitely a plus if you decide to turn to professional exterminators. After all we know best which insect is susceptible to what product and type of treatment. Natural substances and approach turned out to be our key advantage over our competitors throughout the years.

We specialize in numerous services related to insect infestation including the major threats:

  • Bed Bugs – small but stubborn invaders that tend to occupy bedrooms and small wall cracks;
  • Cockroaches – the most resilient insects known, they are true challenge for any household;
  • Fleas – most often known to pet owners. They are not an actual threat, but if they spread they could pose a serious problem;
  • Wasps – outdoor pests that could raise certain discomfort, especially if their nest is on the territory of your property.

We will find the best possible way to relieve you from the insects’ annoying presence. As you may see we offer services not only dealing with indoor extermination, but with outdoors pest removal as well. Nothing is impossible for our pest control teams, they are properly equipped trained and experienced and your home is safe when they are taking care of it. We aim at protecting the environment and your family, while render high quality services by using safety procedures.

Insects may damage your house and furniture and furthermore can bring in your home some serious diseases, so do not let them continuously reproduce and multiply before you ask the experts for help. You should take good care of your property and this includes keeping it free of any invaders whether bed bugs, roaches or other insects. After all you home is your fortress and you should feel safe on its territory. Let us restore the peace in your realm and bring the comfort back in no time.

Rodent Control Service in London

Rodent Control Service in London

Rodent Control Service London There are some occasions when rodents intrude into our life and we find ourselves helpless before their stubbornness. Whether rats, mice, moles or other species they all inflict serious damage to the property and threaten your health and well being. For example rats and mice often cause electrical fires in buildings by gnawing through plastic electrical junction boxes. They usually live in the most unsanitary places and they often become carriers of serious diseases posing a health risk to humans. On the other hand moles and the rest of the outdoor rodents destroy our gardens, lawns or yards. Mole’s constant digging devastates the whole rooting system of your plants, leaves unpleasant ditches and plows open the ground which totally messes up the appearance of your green area.

In such days of turmoil you’d better consult an expert. You might think that you have the things under control, but it won’t be long before you realize that your approach is not having any results and the invasion is already vast. Of course you could always try to minimize the food and water access to the irritating rodents, but once they have entered your house they will hardly leave because you have decided to regularly take out the garbage and close your food containers tight.

Your household is in need of hard treatment so allow yourself to take advantage of such. Your lack of experience may result in a total chaos. For example if you try to destroy rodents’ hiding places they might move to another part of the house and infest it as a result. Don’t risk your tranquility and peace of mind, but call our expert teams to effectively handle the invasion. You will be impressed by the quick and efficient results. Our prices are quite reasonable and our working hours are flexible. We prefer to use natural products and thus we express our honest concern for you and for the environment as a whole. Call us you will be satisfied with our top performance, we know the rest of our clients are.

Bed Bugs Problem

Bed Bugs Problem

You are waking up in the morning covered in bites that were not there when you got into bed – you most probably have Bed Bugs Problem.

The bites are on your body in groups of 2/3 rather than one here and one there – you most probably have Bed Bugs Problem.

You have seen any bugs in the bedroom – you most probably have Bed Bugs Problem.

You have recently been on holiday and noticed the problem a few days or so after you arrival home – you most probably have Bed Bugs Problem.

The bites are on your body are red/whitish – you most probably have Bed Bugs Problem.

You are getting bites when sitting on the sofa – you most probably have Bed Bugs Problem there are black spots on your mattress of bed frame – you most probably have Bed Bugs Problem.

There are blood smears on your sheets – you most probably have Bed Bugs Problem.

You have noticed bugs crawling up walls and when squashed blood comes out – you most probably have Bed Bugs Problem.