London Pest Control Whether it is your home or business

London Pest Control Whether it is your home or business one of the most disturbing and upsetting things that can happen is to discover you have a pest problem. Waking up to find cockroaches on your bathroom floor or finding mice droppings on your kitchen worktop can be very distressing, especially if you have young children in the house. This can be an even bigger issue if you own or run a commercial establishment that deals in food like a restaurant or grocery shop. It is not only the risk of being closed down and the financial losses involved. It is also the potential damage to your reputation, when customers find out that you needed to call in a London pest control company to deal with an issue. § Why you Must Deal with Pest Infestations Quickly Of course you could try to deal with the situation yourself, putting down some poison or a few traps, but this is not recommended and can be dangerous especially if you have young children or pets in the house. Leaving pests and or not dealing with them quickly and effectively will only make the matter worse and add to the expense. Most will multiply very fast left to their own devises and will course damage to your property, posing a potential health risk to employees or family in the building. We have put together 5 reasons to help emphasise the need to act as fast as you can when it comes to pest control and eradication: A single female cockroach can produce 300-400 off spring in a year! A mouse can reproduce between 5-8 times in a year! The average mouse litter is 6 but can be as many as 12-14! A female Rat can reach sexual maturity in about five weeks! A Bed Bugs favourite food is human blood! Once you have identified you have a problem what is the best way to deal with it? § Call in the Professional’s You really do need the services of a professional pest control company in London when it comes to dealing with any kind of pest infestation. Whether you run a take away in North London a bakers in North West London or a Guest House in West London if you have a problem you need it dealt with quickly and efficiently. London Pest ControlOur network of London Pest Controllers provide a discreet service to all our customers. Our unmarked vans will help avoid any potential embarrassments and our friendly professional skilled technicians, are pest prevention and control specialists. We guarantee our work and offer “unlimited visits*” which offers you additional protection in the unlikely event the problem is not eradicated on our first call out. Like most trades there are plenty of cowboys who will offer to do the job for you and granted in some instances they may succeed, but in many we are subsequently called in to sort out the issue and clean up the mess. This is why you should only use a company with qualified technicians. If you urgently need the services of an affordable and reliable London Pest Control Company please call us anytime on: 0844 870 6738 and get unlimited visits for guaranteed removal or it’s FREE. Whatever kind of pest we are available 24 hours a day 365 days a year to deal with them and there are no call out charges, the price we quote is the price you pay. Useful advice in choosing a London pest control company… London pest control is a unique industry that requires high level of expertise and broad knowledge on the different pests and vermin that the city is dealing with. This is the main reason why home owners and commercial property owners should be able to work with a leading provider of pest control services. Working with a pest control company who has in employ, a team of highly qualified professionals is a way to ensure that residential and commercial properties are free of these annoying and often destructive vermin. If you are in need of a London pest control company, there are several things that you have to consider in order to locate the best service provider. To make your search for the right pest control company in London, here are the most important steps that you need to take. Review the Types of Pests and Vermin covered by the Service Provider To narrow down the list of pest and vermin control companies you have come up with, you should consult with each company to determine what their service covers. You need to review the different types of pests and vermin that the company’s experienced professionals can eliminate, exclude, restrict, destroy, and control. This will help you locate the service provider who has the most experience in dealing with the various pests that residents of the city has to continuously battle with. A leading London pest control company can help you get rid of the following pests, which have the potential of being destructive: Ants Bedbugs Cockroaches Fleas Flies Moths Wasps In addition to eliminating and destroying the types of pests mentioned above, a highly experienced pest control company in London can also help you manage, restrict, and control the following types of animal and vermin infestation: Deer Foxes Mice Moles Pigeons Rabbits Rats Squirrels Determine the Service Provider’s Approach to Pest and Vermin Control It is also important that you determine the approach of the London pest control company when it comes to dealing with the city’s pests and vermin. There are many different types of approach that pest control companies follow when rendering their services, so make sure that you are aware of these and that you are comfortable with their methods. Some of the most important aspects that the pest control company’s approach should cover include the following: Pest and Vermin Exclusion Pest and Vermin Restriction Pest and Vermin Destruction Rodent Elimination Rodent Destruction Crawling Insect Control Flying Insect Control Fox and other Wildlife Control Bird Repellent and Management Systems Inspection Consultancy Preventative Measures Find Out the Pest and Vermin Control Protocols and Procedures Followed by the Service Provider Before you make a decision on which London pest control company to choose based on who is offering the lowest rates, you first need to find out more about the protocols and procedures followed by the service provider. You have to make sure that these protocols and procedures are of ethical practices. Since pest and vermin control services do not come cheap, you want to be working with a company who is not just out to make money, but will ensure your safety as well as the wellbeing of your loved ones. In the case of commercial property owners, the safety of their clients and employees. Here are some of the most important protocols and procedures that will help you determine whether the service provider follows ethical business practices. Utilization of multidisciplinary pest control approaches aside from pesticides, including cleaning, vacuuming, steaming, Cryonite treatments, fumigation, etc. Inspection of the entire property prior to providing a final quote or price Inquiry if there are any children or pets living in the property, and if yes, make adjustments to treatment protocols and use pesticides sparingly and accordingly Follows a properly defined methodology for determining the elimination of pest and vermin infestation Provides a well written report on the inspection to be performed Comes up with a comprehensive follow up program for continued pest and vermin control Ask Around for References of Look for Reviews about the Various Service Providers You may also be more comfortable with a particular London pest control company if you know that it has been recommended by people you trust. So if a family member, a close friend, or a co-worker that you trust has recently obtained pest control services in the city, you definitely would want to ask for recommendations. Make inquiries as to why they have chosen that particular service provider. Ask them if they were satisfied and happy not only with the services rendered, but the overall results as well. If the outcome of the services is great, you may want to consider choosing the same company. Additional Information about Pest and Vermin Control and Maintenance Aside from following the tips discussed above, here are some other additional details that you need to be aware of when it comes to choosing a pest control company in London: Find out what your chemical intolerance is. Are you extremely sensitive to chemicals or are you unaffected by it? Be prepared to comply with the techniques proposed by the pest and vermin control company. Compliance plays a major role in the continued exclusion, restriction, and control of pests and vermin, so you have to be willing to do all of the proposed techniques if you want to get rid of these insects and animals permanently. As long as you take these steps, you can rest assure that the London pest control company you will choose is indeed the best one for your home or your commercial property. Related Articles: Pest Control North London Whether it’s fleas, cockroaches, mice, birds, rats or bed bugs or whether you live in Islington, Camden, Finchley, be rest assured that we guarantee removal of all pest control issues* and cover the whole of north London and surrounding areas. Pest Control Islington Although Islington is a very pretty area and very popular for both home owners and renters, it has its fair share of pest infestations. That’s London for you I’m afraid! Thankfully London Pest Controllers Network provide 24 hour, 365 days a year pest control solutions fοr residents аnԁ commercial business owners іn Islington. Barnet Pest Control You can choose to use the borough’s services or call in the professionals on 0844 870 6738 and get unlimited visits for guaranteed removal*. Either way you better decide fast because female cockroaches have been known to produce up to 400 off-springs in just one year! Pest Control Central London Need professional pest control services in the centre of the capital? Because of the vast number of commercial food outlets (such as restaurants, take a-ways & supermarkets) in central London, pest control is particularly problematic. Pest Control West London Covering all areas of west London including Ealing, Acton, Shepherd’s Bush, Chiswick, Kensington, and Hammersmith, you can be confident of our extermination services. Pest Control Enfield Pests саn bе a problem wherever уου live аnԁ work аnԁ unfortunately Pest Control іn Enfield іѕ nο different frοm аnу οthеr area іn London, wе hаνе ουr fаіr share οf insects аnԁ rodents thаt аrе аƖƖ tο hарру tο share ουr homes οr business wіth υѕ tοο Pest Control Ealing Pest control саn bе аn issue wherever уου live аnԁ unfortunately Ealing іѕ nο different tο аnԁ οthеr area οf London. Whether уου οwn a residential property οr rent a commercial οwn pests hаνе nο preference, thеу Ɩіkе nothing more thаt a warm рƖасе tο sleep аnԁ thе odd scrap οf food tο eat. ~ Bed Bugs London ~ Pest Control ~ * Subject to Terms

Pest Control London

Pest Control London

It is essential to get involve actively with the pest control once you have noticed that your property is suffering certain infestation. We can help you out in this regard. Our highly trained teams will visit your site upon your request and inspect and analyze the situation. Basing on this they will go over the suitable alternatives of treatment and will select the optimum one for your case. Whether your property is suffering from rodent, roach or other intrusion, we do have the necessary tools to manage the problem. We do have a wide range of ecological products we can choose from and provide natural and organic approach to the issue.


There is no need that you purchase chemical and toxic substances you don’t even know how to operate properly with. We have everything you need at your disposal along with considerable experience and educated staff. We will also provide you with some useful tips on how to prevent this misfortune from happening again. Our advices are free and you will find them valuable once you’ve taken advantage of our professional services.


Vast is the scope of our services, thus if you face a problem, which is not mentioned in our web site, contact us for further information, we tend to have the answer to numerous inquiries and the expertise to deal with them immediately and efficiently. Termites, rodents, fleas, bed bugs and many more are the prior invader types we specialize in, of course as it comes to pests typically presented outdoors such as moles and wasps we do cover the given services in our portfolio. We also offer additional post treatment supervision of your property as to be sure that that the procedures have been resulted effective in the long run. Of course if needed a repetitive treatment is conducted if the infestation has turned up to be a stubborn one. Whatever the case you could be sure that we will not leave the problem unresolved for we won’t quit once we have accepted a challenge but we will pursue patiently its resolution.


Insect Pest Control Service

Insect Pest Control Service

Many have encountered a problem related to a newly appeared insect colony on the premises of their home. How to proceed is not always clear and it would be definitely a plus if you decide to turn to professional exterminators. After all we know best which insect is susceptible to what product and type of treatment. Natural substances and approach turned out to be our key advantage over our competitors throughout the years.


We specialize in numerous services related to insect infestation including the major threats:


Bed Bugs – small but stubborn invaders that tend to occupy bedrooms and small wall cracks;

Cockroaches – the most resilient insects known, they are true challenge for any household;

Fleas – most often known to pet owners. They are not an actual threat, but if they spread they could pose a serious problem;

Wasps – outdoor pests that could raise certain discomfort, especially if their nest is on the territory of your property.


We will find the best possible way to relieve you from the insects’ annoying presence. As you may see we offer services not only dealing with indoor extermination, but with outdoors pest removal as well. Nothing is impossible for our pest control teams, they are properly equipped trained and experienced and your home is safe when they are taking care of it. We aim at protecting the environment and your family, while render high quality services by using safety procedures.


Insects may damage your house and furniture and furthermore can bring in your home some serious diseases, so do not let them continuously reproduce and multiply before you ask the experts for help. You should take good care of your property and this includes keeping it free of any invaders whether bed bugs, roaches or other insects. After all you home is your fortress and you should feel safe on its territory. Let us restore the peace in your realm and bring the comfort back in no time.

Insect Control Service

Insect Control Service

Almost every property has its own insect colony living within at a certain period of time. No matter how good you take care of your house, office, villa, or land, insects will always find their way in to give you headaches. In order to save yourself the troubles you’d better consult a real professional and let him deal with the issue in the best possible way.


Insects can invade your whole home the carpets, the counters, the cupboards, the canalization and so on. You may not see them and at first you might have even tried to ignore them, but in the end you cannot go on lying to yourself forever. Actually the sooner you act the better. Many are the products sold in shops that are advertised as effective in pest control, however you should realize that most of them are toxic chemicals, which require special application and dosage notion. Professional insect control companies have their own methods to deal with unwelcome insects that have proven in time to be very successful and involve the minimum usage of toxic products, if any.


Many are the factors that may have attracted the insect colonies to your home; some of them include leaving your food on the open, like on the kitchen counter, on the table, floor or bed. You’d better watch for all those bread or cookie crumbs not to spread around your house, and you’d better cover the sugar and honey jar with a tight lid. However, even you have done this; it won’t guarantee you that your house will be safe from insect raids. Just make sure to comply with the basic hygiene rules when attending your home and if nevertheless you face an infestation quickly contact a good contractor operating in the field and he will relieve you from your troubles in no time. Remember that if you postpone reaching out for help the problem could get more serious and eventually it could turn out that it could be only treated by using certain harmful chemicals that naturally you’d prefer to avoid spraying on the territory of your own home.

Flea Control Service

Flea Control Service

There are a lot of people who love animals and take care of their pets at home. Some pets like fishes or birds never step outside the house while others such as dogs and cats leave its premises on a regular basis. In such cases the likelihood of fleas infesting the property is quite high. Even if your dog or cat gets its regular shots for fleas and even if you use special shampoos and powder against fleas, your pets still may bring the awful creepers inside your home. Once inside thy may spread, once they have found a friendly environment such as fluffy carpets, wool furniture and etc.


Fleas are really resilient and getting rid of them is hard, that is why trying to deal with them on your own can result in a pure failure. You’d better call professional exterminators as they have the equipment and the knowhow to conduct a proper, full and efficient flea termination.


The extermination process usually consists in spraying the entire floor with pesticides that have a growth inhibitor. The inhibitor will prevent infant fleas to mature and reproduce thus the spreading process will be permanently interrupted. After the spraying has been performed some time should pass until it dries and within this period it is advisable that the residents leave the house. After the extermination is complete, the carpets, rugs, furniture and any other item that could have attracted fleas must be thoroughly vacuumed every day for a period of two weeks in a roll and each day, the used vacuum bag must be thrown away and replaced with a new one. Needless to say, pets that have fleas should be treated as well during this period.


Don’t underestimate the flea infestation, they are said that they don’t attack people, but if you leave them multiplying in your home it is only a matter of time to really sense their presence. We could be of assistance in case you need such, so do not hesitate to contact us if in trouble.



Many people are not quite aware of the essence of the exterminator’s job. Some even do not know they could contact one to assist them with an infestation troubles they may have. Below you can find a brief explanation of exterminator’s responsibilities and reasons to contact him.


Every home can be invaded by insects, small rodents or birds, most of the time it is hard to get rid of them or even sometimes we only think we’ve succeeded to scare them away, while in fact they are just playing low and soon reappear to annoy us further. That is when the services of an experienced exterminator are required. The exterminator is a pest expert that should be called when a homeowner notices a large amount of insects crawling, some strange bite marks on his skin, or suspicious small droppings all over the property. After the exterminator arrives on the premises of the troubled property, his first task is to examine the infested area, so that he can determine what pests have invaded the establishment.


Having realized the nature of the problem the exterminator must elaborate different customized approach to address the issue. There is no universal pest removal method, so it is of huge importance that the hired professional is experienced enough and has significant knowledge in the field. Some creepers can cause a lot of damage, for example it is proven that termites cause more damage to properties than storms and earthquakes, because those small insects work 24 hours a day, seven days a week without a rest. Thus it is obvious that infestations should be treated as quickly as possible and in an adequate manner by a specialist.


We have top ranked exterminator teams who have wide range of expertise and experience dealing with various types of invaders. Our exterminators can take care of any problem you are currently facing just contact us without any hesitation. We will find the best solution for your present distress and as soon as you contact us you’ll feel relieved that the issue is already in good hands and the situation will improve shortly.

Bed Bug Control Service

Bed Bug Control Service

Bed bugs are hard to be noticed, however when you actually realize their presence you are already fed up with them and you demand adequate reaction and their immediate extermination. Several are the common approaches to this problem, some of which you can see below.


Steam Treatment – it is a good method, however it won’t absolutely take care of the issue and further insecticides application would be necessary for conducting effective pest eradication.


Heat Treatment – it is very suitable solution for bed bugs are heat sensitive and temperature over 45°C is quite unbearable to them. The essential disadvantage of this approach is that heat may cause the bugs to scatter and infest other areas of the property.


Cold Treatment – it is completely chemical free and non-toxic treatment, which makes it the perfect “green” exterminating method. Due to the fact that bed bugs become resistant to pesticides over time, the cold treatment is often a preferred method for a stubborn infestation case. Using this treatment, the residents won’t be requested to leave their home as a health preventive measure and the “cleaning” process could be conducted even in the kitchen while someone’s cooking for there are no negative consequences of its implementation.


Smoke Treatment – a final resort method for serious infestation. It involves chemicals application.


Whatever the stage and gravity of your bed bug problem, we have the knowhow and the experience to deal with it effectively. We would deduce the range of the infestation and we will select the most proper method for its eradication. You could trust our expert services, because we do care about our customers and try to do our best to ease their life and make their house welcoming and cozy for their family again.

Pest Control in North London


As experts within the industry we can deal with anything from moths and ants to rats and mice. We know how inconvenient pest infestations can be as well as the health and safety issues involved. Our pest control services in North London have been designed to remove any unwanted guest efficiently and effectively ensuring to cause as little disruption as possible.


What Do Our Services Include?

We are able to adapt our services to meet a range of different pest control requirements. We have an extensive amount of knowledge on the various methods and techniques that can be used to tackle infestations. The most common issues we deal with include:

Moths Wasps
Mice Rats
Bed Bugs Cockroaches
Fleas Dust Mites
Ants Flies


Pest Control in North London

At London Pest Control, we aim to provide our customers with an unrivalled service that is great value for money. Our team are qualified and trained to work quickly and thoroughly. We will ensure to remove your unwanted guest with the safest and most humane methods and provide expert advice to avoid any future infestations.


Pest Control North London

If you are in need of pest control services in North London, get in touch today. London Pest Control is a fully licensed and insured company so you can rest assured that you will be in very safe and reliable hands. We are also highly trained and feel confident in the work we provide.

London Pest Control

Welcome to London Pest Control…

London Pest Control is a well known and trusted company based in London. We offer pest control services that have been relied upon by customers throughout North London for many years. London Pest Control can efficiently and effectively provide solutions to any pest infestation within your property.


Pest Control North London

Whether your unwanted guests are moths, rats or wasps, we will be able to remove the infestation with the use of safe and humane methods and techniques. We are experts within the industry and have a great deal of knowledge on the most effective ways to deal with pest infestations. Our highly experienced team are trained to thoroughly assess the situation and provide a tailored service to meet any specific requirements.


Why Use Our Services?

At London Pest Control, we work towards delivering unrivalled services for highly competitive prices. Our pest control in North London has become a first choice for many customers as a result of the excellent service we provide.

Free Quotes Competitive Prices
Fast Response Expert Knowledge
Friendly Team Fully Licensed & Insured

If you are experiencing an infestation of unwanted guests, call London Pest Control and let the experts take care of it. We can also provide expert knowledge to avoid future recurrences

Useful Ideas to Get Rid Of Cockroaches

The basic fact nevertheless is that they are more than a mere nuisance and it would certainly be reckless to write them off as irritating bugs – capable of carrying harmful bacterial diseases to the household or workplace environment, the presence of roaches, by no means should be underestimated, the best possible effort should be attempted in order to get rid of them.

The main cause of roaches should be identified initially in order to get rid of them. In view of the fact that these pests require moisture and food, the best way to eliminate them is to keep your house clean. Having said that, they are most commonly spotted in the kitchen and bathrooms hence sealing all leftovers and closing the food containers tightly is said to help. Food crumbs and spilling should be cleaned immediately.

On the other hand, you can also have the help of Roach traps and poisons. Despite they are not very effective (in badly infested cases) it is one of the easiest ways to handle an apartment infestation.

Secondly, you can go with poison, when applied to cracks and crevices at the back of the kitchen sink, these boric acid-based poisons will help- you can also use borax powder. If you are having kids at home then you got to be careful on this and use it with caution.

Inspite of following all this, you experience infestation then it is a sign of bad state which calls for the indulgence of a professional exterminators.

Going through a roach infestation is not at all a pleasant task, so based upon the severity of the infestation you need to sign up for the perfect service that will help you get rid of Cockroaches. It is not just that, exterminating them completely will also help the quality of air indoors.

Noncontroversial being one of the reputed pest extermination centre, these people are sure to help you with any type of pest problem that you face.